Homeowner's Enhancement Guide
for Fixer-Uppers

Looking to buy a fixer-upper?

Want tips on how to make your house have Curb Appeal?

The Homeowner's Enhancement Guide 

 The Homeowner's Enhancement Guide is for homeowners and prospective purchasers of older homes -- residences that may be in need of modernization and enhancement to the appearance of the house and/or property. Elements of the guide are of value for new homeowners as well.

        By enhancing the appearance of your property, you can increase your property value and contribute to the desirability of your neighborhood, making it easier to sell your home, when the time comes.

        The booklet helps you learn about specific subdivisions and areas of Henrico's own neighborhoods, and helps give you ideas. It can help you with:

        * Improving your home and site maintenance

        * Increasing the curb appeal

        * Making your property more energy efficient and more water efficient

        * Incorporating handicap accessibility ideas that may help you stay in your home as you age

        * Planning landscaping or an addition

        * Building an appropriate new home in a mature neighborhood

        * Financing your project

         To find the guide, view and print it out for free at  https://henrico.us/assets/fullHEGdocument.pdf (this is a large document; it will take a moment to download); OR check out a copy at any Henrico County Public Library; OR purchase a hard copy for $10 at Henrico Libraries, the Permit Centers (Eastern and Western Henrico Administration Buildings); OR pick one up at the Department of Community Revitalization; OR call 501-7280.  A copy can be mailed to you for an additional $5 shipping charge.

            Remember, improvements you make to your home may be eligible for the Residential Investment Tax abatement program (see above).

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