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What is a Virtual Town Meeting?

       Informing constituents and engaging constituents are two different methods of communicating the business of public service to a community. By hosting Virtual Town Meetings with the use of YouTube live events, Henrico County, Virginia, is able to engage our community and the world. Not only can Henrico live stream audio and video through a free (no cost to the County) platform, but we can also have a two-way conversation with viewers and in-person participants. You can sit in front of your computer in your jammies, if you like, while watching the live meeting and asking your questions in real-time to the speakers at the meeting.

How can Henrico County do a Virtual Town Meeting?

       Creating a YouTube live event is a feature offered to Google Account users who have verified YouTube channels, which means an account owner who has been confirmed and a profile created. A verified YouTube channel can create an immediate live stream event or pre-schedule a live event for the future.
       A live event live-streams audio and visual using an encoder and a web camera. An encoder uses software that formats the audio/visual code from the web camera to a code format suitable for YouTube live streaming. A free YouTube-specific encoder program called "Wirecast" is available for download.
       Once the encoder is downloaded and connected to the web camera, a user signs-in to their YouTube channel through the encoder and links the accounts. YouTube will read the reformatted code from the encoder and transmit the live stream from the web camera. Once the live stream is activated, viewers with a Google account can communicate with one another and the presenter, through live chat.
       The live event stream will be immediately archived (saved to the site), once the live streaming has been deactivated. The following web site provides a good overview of how to live stream:   

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