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From left: Art Petrini, Director of Public Utilities; Tony McDowell, Fire Chief;
Frank Thornton, Chair, Henrico Board; Pat O'Bannon, Tuckahoe Supervisor;
Economic Development Authority Member, Benjamin Miles.

Henrico Earns Highest Fire Protection Rating from Insurance Services Office (ISO)

     Earlier this year, Henrico County participated in a fire protection classification survey conducted by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). ISO is a private corporation that evaluates public fire protection, water supply, 911 communications, and the adoption of building codes in communities. They provide the information to insurance companies that use the data to establish property insurance premiums.

     Due to Henrico's work and investments in recent years, the county's rating has improved. It is now the best rating available, nationally. Of the 47,000 communities evaluated in the USA, only 97 have received this rating. Others in Virginia are Fairfax County, Roanoke City and the City of Charlottesville. Henrico County is the only county in the nation with both an accredited fire department and a Class 1 ISO rating.

     This rating may result in decreased insurance premiums for residential and business property owners after November 1, 2015. In order for current residents and business owners to take advantage of this rating change, you should contact your insurance carrier.

      Henrico residents voted "yes" to the 2005 Bond Referendum in order to build more fire stations. This vote made a major difference in the response time for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, maning residents' vote on the Bond Referendum helped reduce their insurance rate.


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Blizzard? Tornado? Thunderstorms? Hurricane?

Opt-in to Henrico's Community Emergency Notification System

            What is the Henrico County Community Emergency Notification System? This system is one of many tools that Henrico County Public Safety officials use to notify you of critical information from evacuation notices to missing child alerts. Henrico County, in partnership with Emergency Communications Network, LLC , is using the CodeRED high-speed notification solution. This system provides Henrico County public safety officials the ability to quickly deliver messages both to targeted areas of the County and/or to the entire county.

            How do I sign up? Your home or business landline (traditional) telephone is already registered.  For emergency notifications, Henrico uses the same database information that is available in the  emergency 9-1-1 center to send a message to your landline telephone number.  If you have Voice-Over Internet service (VOIP), be certain to check with your provider to ensure that your number is included in the emergency database.  AND/or - Visit and complete the online registration form.  This portal will register your mobile devices (cell phones, text devices) on the system. It does not matter where you reside for text-messages.  It is open to anyone who would like to register, regardless of residency.  There is no cost to you from Henrico County for the system, but your cell provider may charge you for text messages.  Once you register, you can test your email and cell phone in the system to make sure your information is working, and you can contact Henrico's Office of Emergency Management at 501-7183 or for assistance.

            I have some other questions.  Where can I get information? Henrico invites you to visit the Division of Fire’s web page at for more information on the system.  Scroll down to the Prevention section and you will see the icon for Henrico Alert.  Or, you can call Henrico's Office of Emergency Management at 804-501-7183, or email for more information.


 Henrico is a premier destination for sports, leisure and

historic travel.

Visit the web site:
Henrico Tourism logoHenrico Tourism logo

Shop for Commemorative items

             Here are some commemorative items available at Henrico County area libraries, Meadow Farm Museum, and the Division of Recreation and Parks' offices 8600 Dixon Powers Drive. For details call 804-501-1611.
1.)                    2.)                     3.)
1.) Commemorative bookmark $10.
2.) Pocahontas brooch is $20, and can be worn as a pin or a necklace pendant.
3.) Commemorative crock at $20 is something you will cherish for years.  The hand-drawn image on it is the Arrow Arrum plant, commonly referred to as the "Tuckahoe" plant, an important food for Virginia Indians. These individually-etched, new crocks were handmade by the craftsmen of the Williamsburg Pottery Factory.

CrossOver Ministry:  Compassionate Health Care
 To volunteer, e-mail:
To donate, e-mail:
             The ability to access quality health care causes many challenges for uninsured Virginians, including physical, emotional and financial challenges. The volunteers and staff of CrossOver Ministry are working to help address those challenges by providing comprehensive health care services to the uninsured.
            Crossover operates a network of three free clinics conveniently located across the greater metropolitan Richmond area. The clinics provide health care services to people who are uninsured and have a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
    For more information, go to Crossover Ministry's web site: or call:
    CrossOver West
    Across from Regency Mall
    8600 Quioccasin Road; Suite 105
    Henrico, Virginia 23229                (804) 622-0803

Disabled Veterans can apply for real estate tax exemption

                Henrico County is urging disabled veterans who own their principal residence in the county to apply for recently implemented real estate tax exemption. Virginia voters adopted a constitutional amendment in the general election last November, directing the General Assembly to provide a tax exemption for a retired service person with 100 percent service-related, permanent and total disability, as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

                The exemption applies to: principal residence and up to 10 acres; veteran or surviving spouse (if the veteran's death occurs on or after Jan. 1, 2011); and does not require re-filing each year.

                Revenue Division Director Ed Trice noted that, unlike Henrico's Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP), there are no income or financial requirements for disabled veterans seeking the tax exemption. In addition, there is no cap on the amount of relief they will receive.

                For more information, contact Henrico's Revenue Division at 501-4263, or log onto and follow the link for "Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption." 

                Save Money!   Time to Reinvest in your property - for a tax credit!
        Reinvest (Residential Investment Tax Abatement) is a partial tax-exemption program designed to encourage improvements and rehabilitation of qualifying homes -- those 40 years and older with an assessed value of $200,000 or less. This is a program open to all owners of residential property, both investment properties or your primary residence (excluding multi-family rental units). The program is designed to protect and preserve mature, settled neighborhoods. By improving the appearance of the properties, Henrico County will continue to be an appealing place in which future homeowners will invest!
            To qualify, any improvement, renovation or addition must increase the base value of the structure by a minimum of 20 percent, and may not increase the square footage of the structure by more than 100 percent.
            Renovations on eligible homes are not taxed for seven years -- including additions and similar projects that meet program criteria. This means that when assessing your home for real estate tax purposes, the county will not tax your home improvement, even though it will increase the assessed value of the total structure. The homeowner will pay real estate taxes only on the base value of the residence, for seven years.
            There is a one-time, non-refundable $50 processing fee that must accompany your application. You can download the application from Henrico County's Finance Department Web site at and click on "Reinvest: Residential Rehabilitation Tax Credit," or call 501-4217 - Tom Little - for more information.

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